Designing an E-learing platform for leadership and teamdevelopment



‚Äč‚ÄčMovieLearning is an e-learning platform that uses examples of inspiring human behavior from feature films and documentaries for training on leadership and team development. The online courses and learning platforms for teams and organizations are used both for full online training as well as in a blended learning processes.

The Goal

‚Äč‚ÄčThe goal when I started at MovieLearning was to design a user friendly e-learning platform as fast as possible. When I started they already were developing the platform based on feedback and learnings they gathered of their old MovieLearning platform. We analyzed the needs of both end-users (employees) as well as companies platform administrators in charge of moderating their platform and administrators working at the MovieLearning organization. Based on our findings we have designed and built different functions to enable the end users to learn and develop themself and for organization administrators to moderate the platform.

My role

‚ÄčAs a designer I was responsible for the interaction design, prototyping and the visual design for all the main functionalities - from concept to development. Furthermore, I developed the new marketing website, analyzed user behavior by using Google Analytics and Hotjar to measure the performance of the platform and used different qualitative research methods such as surveys and conducting usability tests to gather user feedback and improve the product.


‚Äč‚ÄčIn the course of three years we built a feature-complete platform. Companies and organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Vrije Hogeschool, Pon, SHV, Transavia make use of the MovieLearning platform to train their employees about leadership and team development. Based on user feedback and data insights we try to constantly improve the product.


‚Äč2016 - present



Key screens

Course library

One of the most important features of the platform is that the user can learn about a specific theme by following a course. On the discover page all learning content curated by the MovieLearning trainers or the organization itself is brought together and categorized. When the user finds a course he might like, a detailed course page will give the user all information he needs to make a decision to enroll for the course.



Besides our Business to business clients, we opened the platform for everyone to use. Because of this, I designed a checkout flow with as few touch points as possible. To buy the course, the user only has to choose a time period he has access for, payment method and personal information.


Personal development profile

To support the user to decide what skills to improve we developed a personal development profile where the user can generate its own personal development report by filling in an online assesment. In the report the user will find more information about the test, an explanation of the results and corresponding learning content to improve their personal skills.


Platform analytics

Organizations wanted to have insight about the use and progress of the platform by their employees. To solve this problem we started with asking those companies which data was important for them. After we had a good understanding of the minimum requirements we designed an analytics dashboard with all user data they would have. That way they can montior learning progress and adjust the content on their platform when necessary.

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